Parrinello - Azienda Agricola Sommatino (CL)
Contrada Quattro Aratate 93019 Sommatino (CL), Sicilia Italia
Tel: +39 320 406 1299

Parrinello - Azienda Agricola

Produzione e trasformazione della mandorla siciliana

Quality is in our chain of production

The secret of our concern is in the production cycle of our almonds, the direct approach and selling of them and our competitive prices. Our concern is located in a still uncontaminated hilly area of the Sicilian inland, on the West side of the Salso river, 359 meters above sea level, 55 km far from Agrigento and 26km from Caltanissetta. The trade is mainly based on agriculture and the area of Sommatino is ideal for the agricultural productions of the Sicilian tradition.

A “Green Oriented

Our production is fruit of the mix between old and new, technology and manual ability, innovation and tradition, in order to have the excellent flavours of Sicily at the table.

Wood, Agriculture and Environment measures

We care about our lands, our products and the environment. We use 100% renewable energy sources. We adopt several agricultural and environmental measures, among which the implantation of 10 hectares of forest land and 35 hectares of almond groves, with a total area of 15000 trees and an annual absorption of 375000kg of carbon dioxide.