Parrinello - Azienda Agricola Sommatino (CL)
Contrada Quattro Aratate 93019 Sommatino (CL), Sicilia Italia
Tel: +39 320 406 1299

Parrinello - Azienda Agricola

Produzione e trasformazione della mandorla siciliana

The best
Sicilian almonds

Production and transformation of our Sicilian almonds into delicious products to eat.

Stories of flavours
and traditions

"Parrinello is a deep-rooted concern. The old generation was strongly linked to the land, although they were all born in a town of mines. This link is our heritage...."

The identity
of a land

Our concern is in the heart of Sicily, surrounded by wheat fields and Indian fig plants, where the winds meet, giving unique emotions and wonderful landscapes.

From the tree
to your table

From our processes it is possible to obtain shelled almonds, peeled almonds and praline almonds.


All our products are made of our almonds. They are suitable for every moment of the day, as appetizer or as snack, and ready to satisfy the most exigent of the palates.

Lots of products for every moment of the day.